Planning your own wedding and need advice?

In just a few hours we can guide you in the right direction to begin your wedding planning journey or help you overcome any issues you have hit along the way.

Consultancy is a flexible and affordable way to get your planning off to the best start.  We can tailor the session to your requirements and on request we can provide you bespoke templates and checklists to get you on your way.

Our personal wedding advice & assistance service starts from £150 for 2 hours.

Venue Event Management Consultancy

Perhaps your venue is new to hosting weddings, or you may be a smaller venue without full time in-house coordinators, and you need a little support with organising and planning events.

Events by Dianna would be happy to step in as the face of your event management team.

Fees are dependent on your requirements and complexity.

For more information on our consultancy services, get in touch.

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