About Dianna

Working in the industry since 2003 as a wedding coordinator, I love working with engaged couples turning their vision into reality. For the past 10 years, I have been working for corporate companies fulfilling project manager and finance & commercial roles. Starting Events By Dianna has been an absolute passion of mine…being able to offer clients my experience and skills as packages to help them plan and deliver their perfect day is a dream.



Events by Dianna is a North West, England based wedding and event planning service offering bespoke and flexible packages to suit your needs.

Bringing a wealth of hospitality experience combined with outstanding project management skills, Dianna offers exceptional insight and organisation to ensure a stress free and fun planning process.

Passionate about events, Dianna’s professionalism and enthusiasm help to make each celebration extra special.

Our Approach

Finding what inspires you and helping you to make your event dreams come true. There’ s nothing we love more than to turn your ideas into reality.




Do what you love.


To perform consistently well.


Be mindful and considerate.


To be genuine, and true.


The quality of being honest.


Turn imaginative ideas into reality.


Why did you choose to become a wedding planner?

I love listening to client’s ideas, and there nothing more rewarding than seeing plans on paper come to life. I think planning a wedding or event for some people is incredibly overwhelming, especially when you have a busy career or family life. I want to make the process enjoyable and carefree for my clients, so they are free to really relax and celebrate with their loved ones.

What skills do you have to offer?

As a qualified project manager (APM), an experienced management accountant and wedding coordinator, I have great organisational and problem solving skills.

I’ve worked in fast paced corporate environments, negotiating, tendering and ensuring contractual obligations are met. I have a keen eye for details and have worked under immense time pressures which are always useful skills working as a wedding planner!

Can hiring a wedding planner save you money?

We have great contacts in the industry, we know where and who to go to for value for money whilst getting a quality service. I can negotiate with vendors to get my clients the best possible price and all discounts and savings are passed directly to the couple.

What’s the value of hiring a wedding planner?

I always say ‘what value do you put on your time?’. It can take approximately 250 hours to plan a wedding…do you have that time spare?

“Time is free but it’s priceless. You can’t own it but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” – Harvey MacKay

As an experienced wedding & event planner offering a luxury planning service, I can look after every aspect from assisting finding the perfect venue down to managing the budget and RSVP guest lists. Just as in other professions, you are paying for expertise in order to ensure the best result.

Do clients come to you with a solid idea or do you come up with the whole concept?

It really does vary! Some clients have clear ideas and others simply don’t know where to begin! I think everyone has a idea, its all about tuning in to your clients likes and dislikes and exploring ideas together which is the fun part!

What advice would you give to newly engaged clients just starting planning?

Firstly, when? What month would you like to get married in? Once you have a month in mind start to think about when and where. Finally put together a budget. Be realistic, and honest with yourself. Each write down a top 3 priority list – this is were a majority of your budget should be allocated.

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